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hp tuners wideband hookup

tank weve used for calibration since 1987 weighs exactly.3. I have to go on another trip weekend after this, but am resolved to write the vaporization article you have asked for thereafter. Time to post some more info. The taper end on Shawn's nytro is bent, but that working end, splined to the end of the three cylinder crank is replaceable from the side of the engine. So if all goes as planned, you will be able to observe the goings in both rooms while we hookup sleds on my dyno hydraulic lift. 2/20 Justin's and Jonas' F7 and MXZ800 trial stockers Justin's F757 w/ BMP mod stock single with no tuning made 160 (very lean 04 ecu) added wet N2O tuned N2O jets to add nas' MXZ800 made 138 stock added 4 hp to 142 with Dynoport. I'm awaiting a response from Mark Boncher, Sr Editor of Am Snow who covered the Shootout. We dropped a point or so on the compression and all was good.

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Today after optimizing Richard's carburetion my dyno calibrated correctly as it always is indicates 109 /b/ft 172.4/24 Tues AM Yam YZ250 flatracker, added 8 HP optimizing fuel and timing 4/25 Wed AM doing more EFI fine tuning on my Triumph Tiger turbo to improve. The Power Commander with boost compensation is superb for dialing in perfect fuel and timing on or off boost-Sean had larger Delphi injectors, and was able to dial in good part throttle fuel flow and correct on-boost fuel flow in a few hours on our. 11/8 D D Dale Roes Scooter DynoTech verifying F1000 trail port w/ Ypipe and D D single on my pump gas, lots of live ry incredible HP out of single pipe, better than best ported pump gas twin pipe MachZs so far. I have no actual hard data, just feedback from many 100's of dyno users who run powerfully on the lakes and trails. Larry installed a set of last year's factorymod snoX twin pipes, made 154 just as the rev limiter kicked in 1000 rpm higher than stock, with maybe 10 less lb/ft torque. 12/2 another 518er probably cameras off just so this guy who wants to torture his lakeracer pals in the capital district. Also beginning April our webguy will have reprogrammed the webpage for subscribers to allow only original computer used for subscription to use user ID/ password. The toilet that is seemingly relocated to the seating area for use by nervous sledowners while they observe in the control room is actually just sitting there temporarily. No adult dating affiliate phone number, concerned about lack of communication. You see more and more flattrack bikes on the dyno now.6/28 Captain Kacz, Jerry Kaczenowski a local legend in sled oval and dragracing since the 197x Thundercat days, bringing six grassdrag sleds to dyno tune.

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