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Even without access to tests like Array 3, an elimination/provocation trial where gluten is removed completely from the diet for 60 days and then reintroduced is still considered to be an accurate method of assessing gluten intolerance. Yet despite this, we continue to see headlines in the media like this: These storiesand many other like themargue that nonceliac gluten intolerance is rare, and that people who eliminate gluten from their diet are just silly fad followers.

Infographic: The State of DevOps in 2017. Recent news stories have downplayed the significance of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, even going as far as suggesting that it doesnt exist. Find out in this InformationWeek and Interop ITX infographic on the state of DevOps in 2017. According hookup apps no facebook to some estimates, for every diagnosed case of celiac disease (CD there are.4 undiagnosed cases that remain undiagnosedthe majority of which are atypical or silent forms with no damage to the gut. If detecting ncgs in conventional medical settings is unlikely, and there is a strong cultural backlash against it, where does that leave the millions of people that are likely suffering from ncgs without even knowing it?

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