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Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure, and an I "Uh" You, Too right before that kiss, both from Serena's side. Sonny and Chad in Sonny with a Chance danced around their obvious attraction to each other, and the Season 1 finale seemed to indicate that movement was happening. "TV Ratings: CBS Repeats Win Another Monday; Bachelor Bad Bests Lie to Me At 9am". Archived from the original on November 13, 2009. Fan Works The Child of Love : Shinji and Asuka loved each other but due to their multiple psychological issues did not dare to display openly their feelings. it's "Will they or won' t they as an official couple?" A good portion of the fan base at this time would rather they stayed friends. They suffer through being together, breaking up, being with other people, a baby thrown in the mix, until They Do in season six, episode three. Although, in his defense, he was actually in love with her. Though this is probably only because the Trek universe has rebooted and thus the books have been given more-or-less carte blanche when it comes to carrying on the TNG version of the universe, since it's highly unlikely we'll ever see it on screen again. In addition to the usual sitcom issues with their compatibility that last a single episode (Rose fears she's not smart enough for him, old partners show up, Miles's daughter doesn' t like Rose, etc. "Broadcast TV Ratings for Wednesday, February 4, 2009".

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Crusher left the show for the second season, and wasn' t picked up when she returned in season three. "Lie to Me: Truth or Consequences". There's definitely romance in the air; the author "Breech Loader" seems to be perpetually torn between who's going to get Doctor Amy Rose Blossom, and who's going to get Shadow. Jaye and Eric in Wonderfalls : a woman who is terribly afraid of intimacy and a man who was so badly traumatized by his wife cheating on him on his honeymoon that wedding paraphernalia makes him faint. Season four has Elena sired to Damon, which is why he doesn' t want to be with her despite loving her, since her feelings are presumably produced by the sire bond. Mike and Catlin on Spin City. Revenge : Jack Porter and Emily Thorne/the real Amanda Clarke. This is partially due to the strain on the relationship caused by Rogues mutation, meaning the pair can never make physical contact, but also both partners carry some serious emotional baggage which surfaces every so often, sometimes leading to a break-up, whilst other times bringing. Red String : If recent events say anything, Eiji and Reika will be dancing around the issue until eternity. We don' t know to whom at first.

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