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(the 9V battery on the picture things started working. Arduino with ULN2803A Driving a small bipolar stepper motor. This is basically done to conserve motor supply power. That's definitely more than 200 mA, but these 2N2222 transistors can handle. Here is the schematic of the whole setup and below is the Arduino sketch. They came loose in a bag, but had no bent pins. Additionally, a better way to drive a 4-wire bipolar motor would be to use the quad half-H ICs like SN754410 (on which Arduinos official bipolar instructions are based) but I thought many hobbyists would appreciate a possibility to make things run using a simpler hookup. I haven't found any duds.

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Next time through the loop, / it'll be the lastButtonState: lastButtonState reading; int readingForward digitalRead(buttonForwardPin int readingBackward / check to see if you just pressed the button / (i.e. There really isn't much to say, it is just a standard 2N222. They were cheap-ish, and shipped pretty quickly. Pushbutton pin const int ledPin 13; / the number of the forward LED pin const int ledForwardPin 4; / the number of the forward LED pin const int ledBackwardPin 5; / the number of the backward LED pin const int motorPin1 8; const int motorPin2. Pushbutton pin const int buttonBackwardPin 7; / the number of the misc. The input went from LOW to high and you've waited / long enough since the last press to ignore any noise: / If the switch changed, due to noise or pressing: if (reading! I have a bunch of ULN2803AG Eight Darlington Transistor Arrays with Common Emitters left from past projects and these can sink (but unfortunately not source) peak loads of 600mA (500mA continuous) and are well suited for power application like driving small motors. In the code that follow below the main principal of driving the motor was changing the state of the ULN2803 outputs in this way: Pins 1 and 2 represent the winding #1. LastBackwardButtonState) / reset the debouncing timer lastBackwardDebounceTime millis if (readingForward!

There is still only 4V across each winding at any time its energized but it looks enough to make the linear slide move with some force which I hope will be enough for carrying the laser diode housing. LastButtonState) / reset the debouncing timer lastDebounceTime millis if (millis - lastDebounceTime) debounceDelay) / whatever the reading is at, it's been there for longer / than the debounce delay, so take it as the actual current state: buttonState reading; / set the LED using the. Not long ago I didn't even know what a transistor was, but I've already used several of these in various small experiments.

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